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Islamic Persecution Against Christianity

Islam: Not Just Another Religion
ByJanet Levy
December 16, 2007
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In places like Saudi Arabia, the epicenter and primary global financier and promoter of Wahhabism, an austere form of Islam that interprets the Koran literally, social rules are severe, extensive and often brutal. Gender apartheid is enforced with separate libraries for men and women. Starbucks coffeehouses are divided into "male" and "family-only" sections, and hotels are completely devoid of a female presence, as all personnel, including maids, are male. A rape victim was recently sentenced to 200 lashes, a punishment that was increased when her lawyer complained of its injustice. At the same time that the Saudi government is sponsoring 32,000 students on visas to the United States, the standard Saudi elementary and high school curriculum teaches hatred for Christians and Jews.

In other Muslim strongholds and countries with significant Muslim populations, Islamic law and customs have been imposed and Muslim demands routinely appeased. In many hospitals across the United Kingdom, unprecedented faith-based, special services have been provided to Muslim patients at the risk of damaging overall quality of care and burdening healthcare professionals. These include special patient counseling during the Muslim holiday, Ramadan; devising substitutions for alcohol and porcine-derived drugs; rotating the beds of bedridden patients toward Mecca and providing fresh bathing water for the five-times-daily prayer rituals; distributing burka-style gowns for patients and mandating that hospital personnel participate in taxpayer-funded workshops on Islam-specific customs. In September, a Muslim dentist in Manchester, who offers special discounts to hijab-donning patients, refused to see a female patient with an uncovered head. Last week, the Philippine government announced plans to surrender territory for a Muslim "homeland," following decades of Muslim slaughter of area Catholics. 

In the "enlightened" West, Muslims are free to perform "Dawa" or proselytizing on behalf of Islam. They openly engage in organized efforts to spread the message of Islam and invite non-Muslims to join the faith. Furthermore, the building of mosques and the opening of madrassas proceed without hindrance. Yet, in many Muslim countries, non-Muslims are not free to practice their religion, let alone proselytize, and may be prosecuted for doing so. A Muslim convert to Christianity may be sentenced to death for apostasy.

Although mostly spurious charges of Koranic desecration abound in the Western world, little mention is made of the numerous Bibles actually being confiscated and shredded at the Riyadh airport. In many Islamic countries, Christians are not permitted to build churches or renovate existing ones. While Muslims are invited to the Vatican and to serve on interfaith councils, non-believers are not permitted to travel to Mecca or Medina.      

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Islam's Global War against Christianity
ByPatrick Poole
July 05, 2007
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From Nigeria to Indonesia, Christians are under siege in virtually every single country in the Muslim world, the victims of countless acts of discrimination, depredation, brutality, and murder that are so widespread and systematic that it can rightfully be called the new Holocaust. This time, however, the perpetrators of this Holocaust aren't wearing swastikas, but kufi skull caps and hijabs.


Forced Conversions

This is Your Gazan Conversion
By Andrew Bostom

August 29, 2006

The forced conversion of two television journalists to Islam is nothing new — except for the use of videotape and the celebrity value in play. The jihad of today is actually very old, and embedded in the very foundations of Islam.

Fox News journalists Steve Centanni and his accompanying cameraman Olaf Wiig were released on Sunday, August 27, 2006, following almost two weeks of captivity. While both men appeared to be in good physical health, the prognosis for their psychological state, and future journalistic contributions, is less sanguine. As depicted in this disturbing video, Centanni and Wiig were forced to convert to Islam, and recite an anti—Western diatribe, complemented by treacly Islamic apologetics.

During the brief press conference held almost immediately after their release  , both men preferred to focus on the plight of the kind and benevolent denizens of Gaza. Momentarily acknowledging the coercive nature of their 'conversion,' Centanni admitted off camera, 'We were forced to convert to Islam at gunpoint.' But he felt compelled to add this bizarre disclaimer, 'Don't get me wrong here. I have the highest respect for Islam, and I learned a lot of good things about it,' before concluding candidly

' was something we felt we had to do because they had the guns, and we didn't know what the hell was going on.'